Why honesty is still the best policy?

Reason: Today is World Truth Day.

Lol, did you really believe it?

There is no such official day.

But I was wondering why?

If we can have a chocolate day, flower day, hugging day, bubble bath day and so on. Then why not a Truth Day.

Just imagine a whole day when you won’t lie for anything. You won’t lie to your boss, your colleagues, your parents, your spouse, your siblings or to anyone else.

One day of complete honesty – to yourself first and then to others. That would be a unique day I am sure. How would it look like?

Some deep realizations.

Some frank conversations.

Some awkward moments.

Some surprised faces and yes,

some heartbreaks

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

“Three things cannot be long hidden: sun, moon, and the truth”


But is so much Truth worth it?

Absolutely it is.

Some would say, this is all bookish ideal. It is not practical. You can’t pursue honesty in the 21st century. This is ‘’Kalyug’’ as some Indians would say.

I say it is possible.

Having lived my entire adult life pursuing this ideal, I can say it is possible. Sure I faced some serious setbacks while speaking the truth. But it has been certainly worth it.

As they say – When you are honest, you don’t have to remember all that you have said to everyone. It is a big relief.

So should I speak truth always and at all times?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Good question.

May not be in all areas of life. It may not be at all times. Maybe not with everyone.

But it is the thought that we need to strive towards honesty maximum times is what is important.

If we just write this ideal off, it becomes easy to lie. We first lie once in a day and then twice and this keeps on increasing.

Lying to oneself. Lying to others. Lying becomes a habit. From habits, it becomes an accepted stance in society. It then becomes part of the culture.

That is a dangerous path to pursue as a civilization with declining trust levels.

You just need to ask yourself honestly if you are ready to be more honest.

And remember – Honesty is the best policy not because of some moral obligation or self-abrogation or philosophy but because of practical considerations for one’s own welfare and true enjoyment.

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