No Last Name Please…

This is India in 2030.

The world has become even more competitive. India is emerging out as a superpower outpacing China and the US.

Focus is on getting things done, rather than sweet talk.

We are on the path to ever more prosperity.

Society has become more open, is able to acknowledge its stereotypes and caste focus has declined considerably.

Now, say, the government says that from now on, it is not necessary to use your last name for any application in schools, colleges, jobs, etc. (although those who want, they can still continue to do so).

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

What will happen?

I guess there would 3 kinds of people:-

First, would be the most dangerous kind. All hell would break loose for them. They would take this all personally.

  • All their life, last name (In India, a close reflection of the caste and status) is what has mattered to them the most.
  • They would feel this as some strange ploy by the government to take away reservations or to make them extinct.
  • They would launch protests, Dharnas, candle light marches, damage public property and will not take rest till this order is revoked by the government.

Second, would be those who will have an identity crisis.

  • These are those have always believed that their last name is like 50% of what their identity looks like.
  • Forefathers, tradition and their last names had been a major part of family discussions all through their lives.
  • They would start having panic attacks but would not know how to deal with this. They would probably still use their last name.

Third, who would be Ok with this and even welcome this change.

  • They anyways did not consider Last name a big part of who they are.
  • They are focused on the kind of person they are and the work they do – does it make a difference to people’s lives.
  • Are they contributing to betterment of this world. These are the questions that matter to them

Disclaimer: This is just a hypothetical situation up for debate, not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.

So how would you react?

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