About Me

Who Am I?

An ARTIST by birth. An ENGINEER by training and a MARKETER by choice.

Hello friends, My name is ANUBHAV KHANNA.

I am not a blogger. I am not a writer.

I am a learner who likes sharing with people what he has learnt through first-hand experiences and first-hand thinking.

I am not a Philosopher and certainly not an academic. Not a businessperson.

Just a simple person who understands that the answer to life’s complex ideas and challenges can be arrived at with a combination of self-introspection, thorough research, extensive & honest discussions with qualified people and self experiences in a more genuine manner.

Why did I Start This Blog?


We all have learnt so many things in life as we all go through different circumstances which shape our thinking, our responses and our character. But it is not necessary to start from scratch every time. It is perfectly Ok to take some lead if you can.

And this is what I intend to do with this blog. To get you started and more prepared before you dig deeper into a subject. Imagine it like a foot in the door.

The thoughts and ideas I share are not the beginning nor the end but certainly a little more refined than I found them when I started working on them.

I do research on all topics thoroughly to have only valid facts and arguments, add my viewpoints and present them in coherent and simple language.

My Promise to you?

  • YOU DON’T PAY A SINGLE PENNY: Unlike others, I am not going to charge any money to share what I have learnt through life. If I can make your life a little better, my purpose of writing this blog would be accomplished
  • ORIGINAL VIEWPOINTS: All viewpoints in this blog are original, well researched, honest and unbiased [For many, I refer at least 2 books and a number of articles and videos before I make an opinion about something]
  • PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: The viewpoints are practical as much as possible, not theoretical. I have focused on the application part rather than theoretical postulations
  • OPEN DISCUSSION: I am open to discussion on any topic or idea I present and would answer to every comment (as long as it is relevant and not offensive)

Here are some not so significant details about me if you want to know a little more about me:

Born in: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (India) on 23rd March 1986

Currently living in: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My Work Experience: With a total of 11 years of professional experience (7 years in Marketing and 4 years in Manufacturing), I have worked primarily in the field of Digital Marketing and eCommerce

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